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Bung Karno Residence Memory
While Bung Karno, the first President of Indonesia was isolated in Bengkulu located in Sukarno-Hatta street, Anggut Atas Bengkulu. Some means of his property such as bicycle, refence books and drama uniform are well collected inside the building.

Parr and Hamilton Monument
Located on the brink of protocol road in Bengkulu city. The monument was established as for the rememberance of the death of two British Residents in Bengkulu namely Parr and Hamilton Resident.

Panjang and Nala Beach
The long white clean beach which hardly to find in another Indonesian beaches is good to do sunbathing and some marine attractions. In the beach is also available a swimming pool, playing tennis facility, looking guard house, restaurants, seaside conage and starred hotels. It is only three kilometers from the central of Bengkulu city.

Pasir Putih Beach
This is located near the ocean harbour Pulau Baai about 19 kms. from Bengkulu city, asphalted road, it can be reached by all four wheel vihicles. The beach is clean enough with its white sand, grown by natural spruces along the beach very suitable for family recreation for it is out of the city, easily to reach and free from polution.

Enggano Island
The island covers an area of 40,260 hectares which is dominated by dense rain forest with its wild buffaloes. Mainly we can see the culture, or the life manners of traditional society and native's Enggano

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